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about us

about us

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1. Company profile

Luoyang Andres Technology Co., Ltd. was established in April 2003. It is a wholly-owned company integrating R&D, design, manufacturing and installation. It was rated as a "high-tech enterprise" by Luoyang City. The company has a registered capital of 10,000,500,000 yuan, and is located in the Torch Innovation and Pioneer Park, High-tech Development Zone, Luoyang City, Henan Province.

Our company has A1 and A2 pressure vessel manufacturing licenses, D1 and D2 pressure vessel design licenses, A-level waste heat boiler manufacturing licenses, military security qualifications; and has passed IOS9001, IOS14001, IOS28001 and other system certifications; it has a number of patents technology.

The company currently has 96 employees, including 20 middle-class technicians (including 5 *** engineers), 5 non-destructive testing personnel (including 2 holding Class III non-destructive testing certificates), and 41 certified welders (including Including 1 CWI), 180 sets of main production and testing equipment. It has a complete quality assurance system, advanced production equipment and rich testing methods.
At this stage, our company is mainly a professional manufacturer of oil refining and chemical equipment. Its main products are catalytic cracking units and sulfur recovery units, including: pre-lift mixer, riser reactor, waste heat boiler, external heat extractor, steam-water separator, Reactor stripping section, regeneration flue gas pressure reduction orifice, main air distribution pipe, flue gas collection pipe, flue gas pipeline, flue gas water sealing tank, cyclone separator, emergency cooling device, small catalyst feeder, dosing device Wait. It also has the overall design, manufacturing and installation capabilities of other heating furnaces such as catalytic cracking, sulfur recovery and waste heat boilers. The hydrogen production converter and sulfur recovery unit produced by our company have been exported to Algeria, Iran, Vietnam, Kazakhstan and other countries. The company's products have been widely used in more than ten provinces and cities in China, and more than 90 oil refining and chemical companies. The company has always insisted that "quality is the life of an enterprise, and credibility is the foundation of an enterprise". The stable product quality and timely delivery have won unanimous praise from the owners.

2. Military-civilian integration industry planning

In recent years, Henan Province has achieved remarkable results in the development of military-civilian integration of defense technology industry. Over the years, the province’s defense technology and industry system has conscientiously implemented the spirit of the Party Central Committee, the State Council, and the Central Military Commission’s decision and deployment and General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech on the development of military-civilian integration, actively exploring and courageously innovating, and the awareness of military-civilian integration development has increased significantly, the atmosphere has become increasingly strong, and practice Constantly enriching, benefits gradually appear. In addition to the development pattern of "one core, one pair, four axes and four districts" proposed in the "Central Plains Urban Agglomeration Development Plan" promulgated by the National Development and Reform Commission, Luoyang has been identified as the sub-central city of the Central Plains urban agglomeration. Nowadays, the construction of a number of military-civilian integration innovation demonstration parks and industrial parks (bases) in Luoyang City is progressing in an orderly manner, and a number of information sharing, investment and financing, incubation and transformation platforms have been constructed one after another. Military-civilian integration strategic cooperation has been continuously strengthened.

With the strong support of the two-level government of Luoyang High-tech Zone, we thoroughly implement the national strategy for the deep development of military-civilian integration, regard military-civilian integration as an important guarantee for the transformation and upgrading of enterprises, implement the transformation of new and old kinetic energy, and actively promote cooperation with related enterprises to transform the enterprise Upgrade and develop a new path. At present, the future layout of the military-civilian integration transformation development plan has been formulated, and the development of military-civilian integration has been clarified as the key direction and strategic thinking of future enterprise transformation and upgrading. The Luoyang Municipal Government has established a military-civilian integration industry development fund, which marks the beginning of the development of military-civilian integration technology, which will further promote the development of military-civilian coordinated innovation and industrial transformation and upgrading to a new level. In the next step, we will use this as an opportunity to connect with various enterprises and accelerate the transaction and transformation of scientific and technological achievements in an all-round way with multiple projects, one platform, one fund, and multiple industrial cluster development models. Comprehensively promote the work of military-civilian integration, relying on the powerful benefits and vitality generated by military-civilian integration, and taking advantage of the opportunity of Luoyang City to adjust and upgrade the product structure, promote the conversion of new and old kinetic energy in the local area, and achieve multi-directional mutual benefit and common development.

3. Description of proprietary technology and products

In recent years, our company has conducted 15 research and development projects focusing on the design and manufacturing of petrochemical equipment, and completed 15 achievement transformations. Obtained two utility model patents through independent research and development, and also applied for one invention patent. The patents are as follows: patent 1: a ceramic material and its preparation method; patent 2: a simultaneous desulfurization and denitrification activated carbon dry flue gas purification device; patent 3. portable large displacement synchronous moving pipeline support. The corresponding patents for the above products and the related applications of the patents in the products are described as follows:

Patent 1: A ceramic material and its preparation method: The invention, an alumina ceramic material and a preparation method of the ceramic material belong to the field of ceramics and its manufacturing, and ceramic materials are added with a certain amount of CoO, MnO2, and Cr2O3 , SiO2, TiO2, which respectively have different effects on the mechanical properties of the material (see the table below for specific usage properties). This ceramic material has low cost and excellent mechanical properties, which can replace cobalt-based materials and is suitable for petrochemical applications.






















Patent 2. A simultaneous desulfurization and denitration activated carbon dry flue gas purification device: the present invention relates to a simultaneous desulfurization and denitration activated carbon dry flue gas purification method and device. The flue gas passes through the activated carbon layer for adsorption reaction and is adsorbed after being qualified. The flue gas is discharged from the other side and the adsorbent activated carbon moves slowly down from the top to adsorb harmful gases. The activated carbon, which has adsorbed harmful gases, is heated to precipitate SO2-rich gas under the protection of nitrogen. The SO2-rich gas is sent to acid production or elemental sulfur. The activated carbon after desorption can be recycled. It can simultaneously remove SOX and NOX in the flue gas; at the same time, it can also remove other harmful components (hydrogen halides, heavy metals, etc.) and dust in the flue gas, making it more suitable for practical use.

Patent 3. Portable large-displacement synchronous moving pipeline support: The pipeline support is transformed from a traditional fixed rigid support to a swingable type. Greatly extend the service life of the pipeline. Adjustable thread devices are set at the connecting positions of the pendulum brackets, which saves time and effort for on-site installation. The pendulum bracket not only has a wider application range than the rolling bracket, but also reduces the amount of steel used and reduces the manufacturing cost. The portable large-displacement synchronously moving pipeline support developed by our company, on the premise of meeting the rigid support required by the pipeline, solves the damage caused by the additional torque caused by the pipeline's thermal expansion and contraction deformation.

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