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The mainstream of future industrial boilers-gas heat conduction oil furnace

The mainstream of future industrial boilers-gas heat conduction oil furnace

The mainstream of industrial boilers in the future-gas guide. In order to further promote the implementation of cleaner production and strengthen the prevention and control of industrial pollution, the State Environmental Protection Administration focuses on solving industrial pollution problems. Saving energy and improving energy efficiency are solving environmental problems. The main source of pollution in industrial development comes from combustion. The use of coal-fired boilers and the large-scale use of coal-fired boilers have caused serious smog in most industrial cities in China. At the request of the state, we should vigorously rectify coal-fired boilers, improve the ecological environment, improve people's quality of life, and do practical work. . In response to the national call, Yeneng Boiler has made great efforts to eliminate coal-fired boilers and develop new gas-fired thermal oil furnaces. Coal-fired boilers will gradually withdraw from social production. Nowadays, as far as the types of coal-fired boilers can be replaced, although electric boilers do not have environmental pollution problems, their operating costs are high. For users, the gains outweigh the losses. The high cost of heating heat conduction oil boilers is abandoned; the operating cost of heavy oil and light diesel boilers is moderate, but there are still environmental pollution problems that cannot be completely solved, which still cause certain air pollution; the operating cost of biomass pellet fuel boilers is slightly higher Gas boiler. In this view, the best alternative to coal-fired boilers is to promote the use of natural gas boilers known as “clean energy”. How to make the natural gas boiler achieve high heating efficiency has become a problem after the boiler is reformed. Hot oil stove
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